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WALKTALL! 2nd editionPostural correction can prevent dowagers hump, relieve back pain, make you taller.

An Exercise Program for the
Prevention & Treatment of
Back Pain, Osteoporosis and the Postural Changes of Aging

By Sara Meeks, PT, GCS


Do you have
· Back pain?
· Stooped posture?
· Height loss?
· Dowager's hump?
· Hip or spine fractures?
· Poor balance?

There IS something you can do about it !
Even people who haven’t exercised in years can realize the benefits.

Where do you see yourself
in this picture?

“Old-age” posture can be stopped
or even reversed.

You will look younger!

Spiral bound paperback, 160 pp, 130 drawings, glossary, index
ISBN 978-0-937404-71-3, $24.95


Introduction (About the Program)

1. Questions & Answers
2. Posture Perfect
some visualizations and “exercises” that can change your posture immediately
3. Site-Specific Exercises
easy isometric exercises strengthen the deep layer of back muscles that hold the body up against the force of gravity -- for postural correction, bone strengthening, relieving back pain
4. Weight-Bearing Exercise
walking properly strengthens the hip area and helps combat osteoporosis and low back pain
5. Safer Sitting
sitting compresses the spine and contributes to back pain; here’s how to strengthen your back muscles and protect your back
6. Breathing and Relaxation
breathing exercises strengthen the diaphragm, the main breathing muscle that increases lung capacity and also stabilizes the trunk
7. Balance
balance training reduces falls
8. Suggested Routines
designed to get you up and moving
9. Activities of Daily Living
using good body mechanics in your daily activities reduces fracture risk
10. Keeping Bone Healthy
suggestions for yoga, pilates, sports, etc.
Walk Tall!

Sara MeeksSara Meeks, a physical therapist for nearly 50 years, specializes in helping people with low bone mass. She travels nationally and internationally to train health and exercise professionals in The Meeks Method, the original movement and exercise program based on body alignment and postural correction that she developed for the management of osteoporosis and other problems of aging.


“This has been a life-changing experience .” —K.S., GREEN BAY, WI

“Thorough, informative, active and FUN!” —T.V., IL

“Simple, yet thorough.” —PHYSICAL THERAPY JOURNAL

“A comprehensive, compassionate approach. The result is a gain in body height, improved balance and a renewed outlook on life.” —MORRIS NOTELOVITZ, MD, PHD

“God bless you for all that you do!!!” —J.W., CAROL STREAM, IL

"Thanks to Sara Meeks for putting this information together in . . . easily understood format . . . patients can use easily and effectively." --J SECTION WOMEN'S HEALTH


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