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Stand Tall!  Every woman's guide to preventing and treating osteoporosisDowagers hump, fractures, and the pain of osteoporosis can be prevented.

Every Woman's Guide to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis

by Morris Notelovitz, MD, PhD
with Marsha Ware, MD and Diana Tonnessen
Physical therapy consultant: Sara Meeks, PT, GCS

Osteoporosis is NOT a normal part of getting older.

This practical guide to stopping bone loss can help every woman (and a lot of men too). In easy-to-read style, it covers every aspect of osteoporosis:

. . . all the factors that lead to bone loss
. . . the best way to find out if you are losing bone
. . . therapies for prevention and treatment
. . . side effects of drugs
. . . pros and cons of estrogen
. . . results of the most important research

steoporosis prevention is still not addressed by all physicians. With Stand Tall as a resource, you will have the tools for taking an active role in your own health care decisions and be able to communicate your needs with your doctor.

240 pages, illustrated, glossary, index
ISBN 0-937404-38-1, hardcover, 1998, $24.95


1. Understanding the Problem

2. Your Bones and How They Change

3. How Your Body Regulates Bone Mass

4. Assessing Your Risk

5. How to KNOW if You Are Losing Bone

6. How Nutrition Can Help Prevent Bone Loss

7. How Exercise Can Help Prevent Bone Loss

8. Drugs That Help Prevent Bone Loss and Increase Bone Mass

9. Pros and Cons of Estrogen Therapy

10. If You Already Have Osteoporosis

11. Osteoporosis in Men

12. Planning a Healthy Future

13. Case Reports



MORRIS NOTELOVITZ, M.D., Ph.D., is recognized nationally and internationally for his expertise in menopause and osteoporosis. A former professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Florida School of Medicine, he founded the first medical center devoted entirely to women's health.

MARSHA WARE, M.D., co-author of the 1st edition, is a specialist in internal medicine.

DIANA TONNESSEN is a medical writer specializing in women's health topics.

SARA MEEKS, P.T., M.A. G.C.S., is a physical therapist specializing in osteoporosis. She has developed an easy effective program for postural correction and a stronger, straighter back. Find out more in her book:

"Provides vital information to all women...." --SANDRA RAYMOND, EXEC. DIRECTOR, NATIONAL OSTEOPOROSIS FOUNDATION (NOF)

"Recommended ... to further empower you with the tools necessary for making important health care decisions...." --FOUNDATION FOR OSTEOPOROSIS RESEARCH AND EDUCATION (FORE)

"This is an excellent current, comprehensive discussion that is well balanced and well referenced. Every aspect about the fragile bone disease is covered." --FEDERAL CITIZEN INFORMATION CENTER, PUEBLO, CO

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