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Memory Fitness Over 40MEMORY FITNESS OVER 40

by Robin West, Ph.D.

Memory loss is not a normal part of aging. There are some memory changes that occur with age, but most of them can be overcome. Dr. West shows how to evaluate your memory power to discover its strengths and weaknesses, and how to make your memory keep working for you.

Memory Fitness Over 40 provides the tools for sharper recall and better retention. It will give you the confidence to challenge your mind and use your memory power to its greatest potential in midlife and beyond.

226 pages, glossary, bibliography, index
ISBN 0-937404-21-7 (1985), hardcover, $18.95



  1. What Is Memory?
  2. What Happens to Memory As You Grow Older
  3. How Memory and Aging Is Studied
  4. Memory and Self-Concept
  5. Memory and Health
  6. Memory Awareness and Evaluation
  7. Memory Strategies
  8. Attention and Memory
  9. How to Remember Names
10. How to Remember Your Medicine
11. Maintaining Your Memory Power



Robin West, Ph.D. is associate director of the University of Florida Institute on Aging. She formerly held a post-doctoral fellowship in the Aging and Development Program at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. West has spent over fifteen years in gerontology research and is the author of numerous scientific articles on memory and intelligence.



". . . valuable reading for middle-aged and older adults; social workers, nurses and other professionals working with them; and finally, for concerned family members." --JACK BOTWINICK, PH.D., WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY DEPT. OF PSYCHOLOGY

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