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Living with Lung CancerAll about lung cancer, its causes and complications, diagnosis and treatment.

A Guide for Patients and Their Families
4th edition

Barbara G. Cox, David T. Carr, MD, Robert E. Lee, MD
Revision by Eloise Harman, MD

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For over 25 years, Living with Lung Cancer has been helping patients and their loved ones face the future with greater hope and confidence.

Lung cancer is a scary disease. The new patient is understandably confused and frightened. The future is uncertain, and it's filled with a dazzling array of unfamiliar medical and surgical terms and procedures. Living with Lung Cancer helps people cope -- with the disease, it treatments and (maybe most of all) their nameless fears.

By interviewing a large number of patients and their spouses, the authors learned the countless questions they have, including those that patients find difficult to ask in a doctor's office.

Living with Lung Cancer provides easy-to-understand information about

  •  Diagnostic tests
  •  Treatments and their side effects
  •  Nutrition
  •  The likely prognosis
  •  Coping with emotions
  •  Paying the bills

What can you do when a friend has lung cancer?
How about giving them a hug . . . and a copy of Living With Lung Cancer?

Living with Lung Cancer, 4th ed.
144 pp, illlus., glossary, index
ISBN 0-937404-53-5 (1998), paperback $14.95

  1. The Lungs and How They Work
  2. How Lung Cancer Begins
  3. How Lung Cancer is Diagnosed
  4. The Role of Surgery
  5. The Role of Radiotherapy
  6. The Role of Chemotherapy
  7. The Role of Nutrition
  8. Coping with the Stresses of Lung Cancer
  9. Alternative Therapies
10. Prospects for the Future


Eloise Harman, M.D., author of the revised 4th edition, is professor and chief, Division of Pulmonary Medicine, at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Barbara G. Cox, M.A. is a medical writer who specializes in patient education.

David T. Carr, M.D., Howe professor of pulmonary medicine at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, is retired.

Robert E. Lee, M.D., consultant in radiation oncology at the Mayo Clinic, is retired.

"A comfortable book that puts an arm around the reader with warm support." --KENTUCKY MEDICAL JOURNAL

"Answers every question a patient might have." --ANNALS OF THORACIC SURGERY

"An honest look at lung cancer, its causes and complications, diagnosis and treatment." --COPING MAGAZINE

"A point of light in a world that has suddenly gone dark with the diagnosis of lung cancer.--A PATIENT

"Continues to fill a void in educational materials for patients with lung cancer." --ONCOLOGY NURSING PRESS

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