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If There's Anything I Can Do... A Helpful Guide To Showing You CareHelping a friend who's suffered a
personal crisis or bereavement.

I CAN DO . . ."

A Helpful Guide to Showing You Care

by Susan McClelland
and Susan McClelland Prescott

In times of heartbreak and crisis, people we know need our help and support. We have an almost desperate desire to help . . . but we're frustrated in not knowing what to say or what to do. Too often we feel awkward, unprepared to respond, fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing, worried about seeming intrusive or about getting in the way. Just plain at a loss as to how on earth to help.

Instead of putting our concern into action, we resort to the feeble offering, "If there's anything I can do...." We mean, of course, I want to help. I'm willing and ready. But I can't think of how. And that's where the ball usually drops, with a thud.

"If There's Anything I Can Do . . ." suggests how you can offer help when friends need you most. Here are practical suggestions that will turn good wishes into actual help.

208 pages, index
ISBN 0-937404-47-0, paperback, $16.95

Matching notecards: 12 floral cards (blank inside), 12 envelopes. $12.00



1. To Phone or Not To Phone

2. Mail Can't Fail

3. Gifts To Wrap

4. Gifts To Do

5. Visits

6. Food Flair

7. Troubled Waters

8. After a Death



Susan McClelland spent her life teaching English in Kansas City, Missouri. She later retired as head of the english department at Barstow School after a 30-year career to spend her time writing poetry, lecturing, and teaching adult classes. She wrote this book from personal experiences and those of a lifelong circle of loving friends.

Susan McClelland Prescott, Susan McClelland's niece and namesake, is a pilot and writer. A captain for Southwest Airlines, she lives in northern California.



"Takes us beyond etiquette to genuine thoughtfulness"

"A treasure trove of helpful and practical hints, to deal with delicate and sometimes uncomfortable situations."

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