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What if tomorrow
never comes?


by Danny Rubin

a screenwriter's tour of one of the world's most beloved movies

How to Write Groundhog Day
    • For Screenwriters
      How and why did the original screenplay change

    • For Philosophers
      Was this comedy influenced by Nietzsche’s theory of eternal recurrence?

    • For Fans
      How long did the time loop last?

    • For New Screenwriters
      Seven acts?  It had seven acts?

    • For Psychologists
      Was the structure really based on Kübler-Ross’ stages of death and dying?

    • For Lovers
      Was it always a romantic comedy?

    • For Guys
      Which movie star with the initials A.MacD. sat on the screenwriter’s lap?

    • For Buddhists
      How much will this book cost?

Both an entertaining story and a case study for screenwriters, How To Write Groundhog Day includes the original screenplay, notes, scene sketches, and a fun tour of the Hollywood writing process from this popular screenwriting teacher.

Available only as an eBook, $9.99
Print book in production.

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  • Create
    • Brainstorm
    • Breaking In
    • A Door Closes
    • The Spark
  • Write
    • Was It Always Called "Groundhog Day"?
    • Notes from the First Days of Writing
    • How Long Did It Take To Write?
    • Finishing
  • Sell
    • Agents
    • A Choice of Suitors


  • Welcome to the Screenplay
  • Rewriting Groundhog Day
    • What is "Development"?
    • Developing Groundhog Day
    • Notes From the Screenplay
      • What Time Is It?
      • Why "I Got You Babe"?
      • How Old is Phil Connors?
      • Beginning the Story in the Middle
      • Small Town
      • The Voiceover
      • Capitalizing Names in a Screenplay
      • Larry's Character
      • Research
      • Phil's Character
      • Rita's Character
      • Joyride
      • My Dark Side
      • No More Rules
      • Crash
      • The Suit Bag
      • The Joy of Ned
      • End of Act One
      • The Gypsy Curse
      • Cynical Phil
      • "I Was Immortal..."
      • Is "Career" a Highly Overrated Concept?
      • The Great Groundhog
      • Great Pick-up Lines
      • Swimming Naked
      • How Long Did it Last?
      • Sponge Cake
      • It's a Wonderful Life
      • No Exit
      • Stalking the Groundhog
      • The Car Chase
      • The Gay Waiter
      • What Phil Knows About Rita
      • How Do You Know You Are a God?
      • Repetition and Awareness
      • Firmament
      • The Pursuit of Knowledge
      • Music Student
      • Sculpture
      • Chekhov
      • That Blizzard Thing
      • The Old Man
      • Doctor Phil
      • Act III
      • Poetry
      • Love at First Sight
      • The Declaration of Love
      • The Twist


  • Reflect
    • What I Learned from Groundhog Day
      1. Best Day Ever
      2. Persistent Blindness
      3. The Necessity of Humility
      4. The Pebble in the Pond
      5. Death and Humanity
      6. "It's Groundhog Day!"
      7. A World of Infinite Possibilities
      8. Intention and Goodness
  • The Sequel
  • After Groundhog Day


  • Credit: Who Wrote What?
  • What's a Maguffin?
  • What's an Option?
  • Continued, Script Notes
  • Becoming a Screenwriter


About the Author



Danny Rubin

After many years writing and performing with improvisational theater companies as well as scripting industrial films and children’s television, Danny Rubin began writing screenplays. His screen credits include Hear No Evil, S.F.W., and Groundhog Day, for which he received the 1993 British Academy Award for Screenwriting and the Critics’ Circle Award for Screenwriter of the Year, as well as honors from the Writers Guild of America and the American Film Institute.

Rubin has taught screenwriting throughout the US and internationally, and from 2008-2013 he served as the first Briggs-Copeland Lecturer on Screenwriting at Harvard University.

Groundhog Day: The Musical opened to rave reviews at the Old Vic Theatre in London in August of 2016 earning Rubin and composer/lyricist Tim Minchin the Oliver Award for Best New Musical. The show opened on Broadway in April of 2017 garnering 7 Tony nominations including Best Musical and Best Book to a Musical.

Rubin holds a BA in biology from Brown University and an MA in radio, television, and film from Northwestern University. 

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