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Droidmaker CoverRe-live the birth of Pixar, digital video editing, videogame avatars, THX sound, and a host of other icons of the media age.


George Lucas
and the Digital Revolution

by Michael Rubin


The inside story of George Lucas, his secretive company, and how they revolutionized filmmaking. In the process, they made computer history.

Rubin -- a former member of the Lucasfilm Computer Division -- interviewed key personnel (past and present) from Lucasfilm, Pixar and Zoetrope, to reconstruct the events in Hollywood, in Silicon Valley, and at Lucas' private realm in Marin County, California, to track the genesis of modern media.

With a small team of scientists, Lucas played a central role in the universe of entertainment technologies we see everyday.

Rubin weaves a tale of friendships, a love of movies, and the incessant forward movement of technology. This is a compelling story that takes the reader into an era of technological innovation never before explored.

Hardcover, 500 pages, $34.95
ISBN 0-937404-67-5

Also available as an eBook, $9.99.

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  1. The Mythology of George
  2. Road Trip
  3. Restoration
  4. The Star Wars
  5. The Birth of Lucasfilm
  6. The Godfather of Electronic Cinema
  7. The Visionary of Long Island
  8. Escape from New York
  9. Inside Wonkaland
10. Flying Free
11. The Silverfish
12. Sound and Vision
13. Obnoxio
14. 1,621 Frames
15. Queen's Rules
16. Playing Games
17. These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For
18. My Breakfast with Andre
19. A Hole in the Desert
20. Like a Ballet
21. I Was a Teenage Lobot
22. The Twilight Zone
23. Esoteric Verging onto Occult
24. The Legacy



Michael Rubin is a filmmaker and educator dedicated to empowering people with new media tools. He has designed film/video editing tools, supported feature film and television projects (The Twilight Zone, The Sheltering Sky) and published texts on editing (Nonlinear).



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