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A Child's Eyes: a guide to pediatric primary careWhen a child's vision is at stake...

A Guide to Pediatric Primary Care

by John W. Simon, MD
and Joseph H. Calhoun, MD

Winner: "Best Medical Book of the Year,"
American Medical Writers Assn.

A Child's Eyes covers the multitude of eye diseases and conditions affecting children and gives straightforward descriptions, identifying emergencies from less-threatening conditions.

This practical guide provides a quick reference for non-ophthalmic professionals (pediatricians, family doctors, nurses, etc.). It also provides valuable information for concerned parents.

224 pages, 140 photos and drawings, glossary, index
ISBN 0-937404-52-7, paperback, $39.95


 1. Early Vision and Early Eye Problems
 2. How Children's Eyes Are Examined
 3. How Vision Is Tested
 4. Why Some Children Need Glasses
 5. Correcting Vision with Glasses and Contact Lenses

 6. An Introduction to Strabismus
 8. Esotropia: Eyes That Turn In
 9. Exotropia: Eyes That Turn Out
10. Less Common Forms of Strabismus
11. Amblyopia
12. Eye Muscle Surgery

13. Conjunctivitis: The Pink Eye
14. Blocked Tear Ducts: The Tearing (and Messy) Eye
15. Nystagmus: Eyes That Jiggle
16. Cataracts
17. Glaucoma
18. Some Structural Disorders of the Visual System
19. Eye Injuries

20. The Child with Impaired Vision
21. Dyslexia: Why Johnny Can't Read

JOHN W. SIMON, MD, professor and chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Albany Medical College and director of the Lions Eye Institute in Albany. Past-president of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS).

JOSEPH H. CALHOUN, MD, director of pediatric ophthalmology at Wills Eye Hospital, and clinical professor of ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Ophthalmology Times named him one of the "Best Ophthalmologists in America."


"Highly recommended for all public and hospital patient education collections." —LIBRARY JOURNAL

"The authors have achieved the difficult balance of being thorough yet succinct and have produced a book that is user-friendly as a reference manual, yet extremely readable. Potentially difficult subjects...are presented with striking clarity."

"Will be welcomed heartily by all practitioners charged with the care of children."

"A must read for those physicians training in primary care specialties." -—PEDIATRIC RESIDENT

"I would...recommend the book to other pediatricians, family practitioners, and parents."


Dictionary of Eye Terminology

Taking Care of Your Eyes

Dictionary of Eye Terminology Taking Care of
Your Eyes
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