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Back TroublePostural correction and the Alexander Technique can stop your back pain.

A New Approach to
Prevention and Recovery

By Deborah Caplan, M.A., P.T.

Stop back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain! Based on the Alexander Technique, Back Trouble shows how to turn everyday movements into practical therapy. 200 drawings and photos make it easy to follow the simple explanations.

You will learn how to use your body correctly in all your daily activities, which can help prevent new back problems, and it can help prevent a recurrence of an earlier problem.

Here is a medically recognized alternative or addition to injections, ice packs, heat, ultrasound, bed rest, medication and surgery. Can also help arthritis, pinched nerves, body tension, whiplash, sciatica and disc trouble.

224 pp, 200 illustrations, glossary, index.
ISBN 0-937404-26-8 (1987, 2000), paperback, $17.95

(All royalties from sales of Back Trouble are being donated to the American Center for the Alexander Technique.)




 1.  Your Back Pain and How You Use Your Back

 2.  Understanding the Alexander Technique

 3.  The Four Concepts of Good Use

 4.  Neck Pain

 5.  Low Back Pain

 6.  Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

 7.  Positions We All Get Into

 8.  Breathing Correctly To Ease Back Pain

 9.  Emergency Treatment for the Back About To Go into Spasm

10. What About Supportive Collars and Corsets?

11. Healing Exercises for the Low Back

12. Concerning Running, Swimming, Golf, and Other Sports

13. Scoliosis

14. The Performing Artist's Dilemma

15. Pregnancy and Back Pain




For over 50 years, Deborah Caplan successfully applied the Alexander Technique to back care. A physical therapist, she was a founding member of the American Center for the Alexander Technique and senior faculty member of the teacher training program.




"I have found a terrific relief from the usual lower back pain I've had." --JIM DINE, ARTIST

"The techniques are remarkably effective in the treatment and prevention of back and neck disorders." --WILLIAM P. BURKS, M.D., SURGEON

"I find the Alexander Technique enormously helpful -- and fun, too!" --JOEL GREY, ACTOR

". . . striking improvements in blood pressure, depth of sleep, mental alertness, overall cheerfulness. " --NIKOLAAS TINBERGEN, NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSIOLOGY/MEDICINE




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